I’ve known for a long time that writing is somehow the exhale of life for me.  All the thoughts, feelings, relationships, and happenings of everyday need someplace to go, and the best place seems to be a piece of paper or an empty screen.  Without that place to go, life feels like I’m holding my breath, which is never comfortable for very long.

I’m not exactly sure about this blogging thing, but I believe that community is good and isolation is bad, and whatever in this writing is a gift, I want to submit to God’s Spirit, for His People.  To Him alone be the glory.

Leanne Vaughan

2 responses to “About

  1. Chris Moore


    Thank you for sharing this…..I understand where you are coming from and am grateful to have found your blog! Here’s to “Being Sam”!

  2. Adriana Stanley

    Your words reflect His glory.

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